青山 誠拓
Seitaku “TAK” Aoyama, artist
Self-taught. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, currently living and working in Southern California, USA. After having worked in diverse international industries such as global marketing, toy design, sales/consulting and foods, he became stranded upon where he should be and naturally synthesized the entirety of his experiences into himself as an artist. His work has been shown in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Canada, Mexico, Italy and Japan. Additionally, he has worked with commercial clients worldwide.

It boils down to processes.

In his art, Seitaku Aoyama explores and visualizes processes of discovery.

He seeks the discovery of new angles of viewing existing phenomenon. In this way, the process becomes like a game played on a flight of stairs where after he has taken one step up to encounter something new, he then returns two or more steps down to comprehend another from the past (more than before) while simultaneously experiencing a new present upon the old step where he now sees a new future ahead (or behind).

Discovery is that which drives him to prolong his evolution. This process game occurring in his head seems to oscillate linearly, but every swing ports him through time and space to a new future with every rotation.